About Us

Company Profile

Advisirs Group is a group of cloud accounting firm based in Northern region of Malaysia. We commit to deliver values rather than numbers only and embracing the technology. In future, we aim to assist business owners in Asia by embracing technology, especially big data solutions to grow their business! We serve diverse portfolio of client from small and medium enterprise (SME) to large entities. We taking a multi-dimensional approach in helping each clients to solve their business issues and meet their personal and business goal. In Advisirs Group, we specialize in taxation to uphold the interest of the public at the same time upholding the provision of tax law.

As our team from our group is a mixture of experienced staff with Big 4 experience and internally trained staff. Therefore, we possess the competence to provide higher quality services to our wide range of clients, at the competitive price. We have strong internal team which we can proactively support each organization effectively, and proactively support each business to help each client to stay ahead of competition. We strongly believe that, the more we understand our client, we can offer relevant advice on way to help the business grow.

The meaning of Advisirs

The logo is derived from a ^ sign. It means we are energetic and ready to grow like a rocket.
The blue means a blue wave to overcome the red ocean market with advisirs’ blue ocean strategy. We aim to be a digital firm to think out of the box, to deliver the values more than numbers only to clients globally and adopting GO GREEN policy, reducing hard copies printing. We strike to change and educate public mindset on digital transformation and the way they look at taxation. Taxation Is not about the contribution only but it is a good way to achieve your financial goal with proper tax advisory. Thus, advisirs means a truly business advisor, providing a one stop solution to assist you in building your business empire, a truly advisor.